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Antje Galimberti | 42+

ANtje Galimberti


Founder & SIZE 42

By embracing Italian craftsmanship we are dedicated to create shoes that are an epitome of elegance and beauty

42+ is born from the idea that everyone deserves a chance to feel good in their own shoes, especially those that have feet bigger than usual. We understand the struggle of never finding the perfect shoe for your outfit - and when you finally do, they don’t have it in your size. We believe that how you feel wearing your shoes makes all the difference. By embracing Italian craftsmanship and being careful with details we have created the perfect shoe for those with a foot over 42, yet remaining fashionable.

Inspired by her own experience Antje Galimberti decided to embark in the creation of the brand. By thinking that she couldn’t be alone in her struggle she decided to offer others a solution. The search for high quality and fashionable shoes of larger sizes was finally over. 42+ was offering those shoes.

42+ shoes are handmade by highly trained Italian shoemakers, using a careful selection of high quality materials.


The entire production process is handmade: from cutting/assembling til cleaning in the end