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What they say about us



Height: 1.98 m (6.5 feet)

Shoe-size: 44

Hi shoe lovers!

I’m Marlinda and living in the Netherlands. I’m 26 springs young and my height is 6.5 foot/1.98 m. With this height I cannot live on small feet, I have size 44. A big time of my life I struggled to find shoes in my size that are feminine. Since last year I found 42+ and I really adore the shoes they have. It’s like the shoes I always wanted and saw in stores but they never had bigger size shoes. That’s what I love about 42+ the shoes make me feel sexy. I recommend these shoes to everyone.



Height: 1.86 m (6’1 feet)

Shoe-size: 41/42

Job or what are you doing in life: I`m a costume & fashion designer and blogger

Tell us about your struggles having feet bigger then size 41: Mainly I found that there ain’t no beautiful shoes in bigger sizes out there. It is like you have to wear standard and very basic shoes when you have 41/42 – mostly with 42 though.

What do you like about 42+: the shoes are made with real leather which is quite difficult to find in bigger sizes, they got a great quality and you can also find an extense variety of ballerinas.



Age: 22

Height: 1.85 m

Shoe-size: 42

Job: student of dentistry

Tell us about your struggles having feet bigger then size 41: the main issue is the absence of my shoes size in 99% of the shops. It’s difficult in general to find shoes, sandals, boots or sneakers for any girl who loves to look elegant – but for me it’s much more difficult. Even if I see something nice and elegant, in most cases there’s just no size 42.

What do you like about 42+: whatever 42+ offers looks fashion and elegant. It fits my vision of women shoes and solves a big problem for girls who have size 42 and up. I definitely recommend 42+ to any lady who wants to look perfect. Not to mention that 42+ offers only high quality shoes and the combination of look, quality and availability in my size is just worth every penny.



Height: 1.94 m (6.4 feet)

Shoe-size: 44

Well, first of all my name is Eliska. I’m 20 years old and 6’4 feet (194 cm) tall. My shoe size is EU44. I’m a blogger, student of sociology and working as a waitress. I think the biggest struggle ist to go shopping with friends and see nice shoes but they’re never in my size. What I love about the shoes of 42+ is that they’re so elegant and really comfortable.